Cargo ranging from food grains viz : Rice, Wheat, Pulses in bulk or standardized forms to confectioneries, juices and extraction cargo viz : Soya, Rapeseed, Cotton etc. fall under the purview of our inspections.

The typical scope of inspection would include:

  • Procurement of cargo from origin/ manufacturer’s premises
  • Receipt supervision at warehouses
  • Quantity confirmation by tally/weighbridge assessment
  • Pre-shipment sampling and testing
  • Hatches fitness inspection
  • Loading and stowage supervision
  • Fumigation supervision
  • Collection of representative sample
  • Testing for various parameters as would be advised by the client/ LC

Special emphasis and care is taken when undertaking supervision of sensitive and valuable cargo like tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and other such produce from packaging, logistics, storage and warehousing including sampling and testing as per requirements.

Our laboratory conducts testing for volatile and non volatile compounds that directly impact the flavour, taste, aroma of tea. Some other tests for include Theaflavin and Thearubigin, along with total colour, percent brightness, astringency, bitterness and sweetness, Cup test, Roast test, Aroma and Flavor Profile etc for tea and coffee, besides other elaborate and precise parameters.