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Fertilizers and rake supervision

Fertilizers and rake supervision

At MAS we not only offers a fertilizers testing  and inspection certification as quality control, inspection and testing to certificate before all but also for weight inspection, quantity tallying and calculating to find the exact specification and weight based on PO, contract and policies. Fertiliser services include

Types of Fertilizer

  • Urea
  • NPK
  • DAP , MAP
  • Potash , Sulphur
  • Solution Fertilizer
  • Granual TSP Fertiliser

At MAS we provide a real time facts on the quality and quantity of the cargo right from the vessel till receipt of the cargo at decision for the clients to take informed decisions

  • Draft Survey
  • Vessel import supervision
  • Quality and Quantity check
  • Weighment check
  • Carting supervision
  • Standardisation
  • Rake loading
  • Escorting
  • Rake receipt at Destination

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